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Welcome to the training section for GP's. Here you will find any courses available for you to book on.
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Half day masterclass

This masterclass session looks at the new CQC Inspection process and how prepare in readiness and to deal with them.
We explore how to create a culture of buy-in within the GP Practice through a better understanding of the CQC assessment framework.
The masterclass will be an interactive session with practical guidance to enable participants to map the techniques onto their own practice – and incorporates the CQC Inspection changes applicable from April last year. Case studies will be used to provide tips and insights on ‘good practice’ and also ‘inadequate’ General Practice. The aim is to provide a practical usable framework for CQC compliance.

If you are a GP within HMR and would like to book on, please use the link below:

GDPR (Including SARS)

Full day workshop


Participants will gain an understanding of the demands of the Federating, merging and working at scale and the fundamental considerations around your practice in merger and partnership discussions. Different solutions will suit different practices and the people who work within them – so it’s crucial to be aware of the possibilities and opportunities that are available.
The GPFV 10 High Impact Actions will form a thread throughout the day as they represent a pivotal collection of ways to improve workload and improve care through working smarter, not harder.
  • Help practices lay the foundations for new models of integrated care
  • Understanding the delivery as part of a sustainable and high-quality NHS
  • The different options of working at scale
  • Identifying who you could collaborate with
  • How the change could affect your practice’s identity
  • Practicalities of merging – shared services & ‘back-office’ functions
  • The business considerations of merging, partnerships, federations and MCPs
  • Identifying the right services

If you are a GP within HMR and would like to book on, please follow the link below:


NHSE Bid Writing

Half day masterclass

This two-hour workshop is for NHS staff who are responsible for writing bid applications and are keen to refresh and improve their skills and knowledge on how to write a successful bid for funding. During the workshop, delegates will learn at how to conduct thorough research, plan, construct and write competitive bids, including all the elements that should be incorporated.

We will explore what works best and what doesn’t, the do’s and the don’ts, look at how bids can be improved, share insights and tips, and look at what NHS funders are looking for in bid applications.

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:
  1. Research, plan and write a competitive bid document
  2. Understand the do’s and the don’ts of writing a successful bid
  3. Comprehend the language of bidding and translate this to accessible responses
  4. Learn about the different types of bidding
  5. Understand financial profiling

If you are a GP within HMR and would like to book on, please follow the link below:

Managing Conflict

Half Day Workshop

This module focuses on the Dispute Resolution, Internal & External Disputes and Partnership Mediation issues that may arise in medical practice, they are often difficult to deal with. We will focus on the techniques to enable you to find it easier to collaborate with your partners. You learn how to make your teams more effective.
You will develop the skills and the mindset to better manage the potential for both internal and external disputes and you will understand how to create a happier and more productive working environment. The module will be delivered as an interactive session with practical guidance to enabling participants to map the techniques onto their own dispute resolution strategy for their practice.

If you are a GP within HMR and would like to book on, please follow the link below:

Group Consultations

Full Day Course

The Academy are going to be piloting Group Consultation Training across the borough. By the end of the one day training, all delegates will have:
- To understand what group consultations are
- .. And what they aren't
- How the process works
- Listening to patient and staff experiences
- Experience a group consultation
- Be familiar with the evidence base, including UK case studies that support the adoption of group consultation as a routine practice
- Contributed to a shared ambition for group consultations in the locality and care partnership
- Have skills and person actions to take this forward.

Below is a link of how group consultations may work in practice but we are sure there are many other ways we can benefit from using group consultations:

If you are a GP within HMR and would like to book on, please follow the link below:

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